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Chris J Ward Photography
ICM & 
Landscape Photography
I started taking Photography seriously around 12 years ago, as an escape to the daily job of IT Project Management, which i retired from about 3 years ago.  I am mainly a landscape and seascape photographer, but also enjoy the challenges of other genres such as ‘Street’ and urban architecture, i have even helped out at a few weddings. (its a good way of finding out the types of photography that you don’t want to do as well!)
My landscapes and seascape photography developed over time, helped along the way with a few workshops with established photographers, Anthony Cullen, Mark Gilligan, Rachel Talibart, Adrian Beasley, and more recently Paul Sanders.
I love travelling around the Essex, Kent and South East coastline of the UK, usually within a days drive from home,  capturing landscapes and seascapes, with some long exposures of known, and not so well known locations, this is alongside some of my travel photography from around the world, including New Zealand, Iceland and the USA

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